World Cup of Meditation

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Just as athletes compete for the World Cup in sports, we can also practice to attain the World Cup of meditation. The World Cup, Olympics, or championships in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, or FIFA make us marvel at what the human spirit can achieve.

It takes devoted practice to achieve a championship in any sport. What we do not realize is that if we put in the same amount of time and effort to our spiritual practices through meditation we would achieve the highest goal of human life: to realize our soul and God.

We admire those throughout history who attained their goal in life. They achieved it because they were committed passionately to their purpose. In their zeal, they devoted themselves day and night for years. We, too, can achieve our goal if we put in the needed time and effort with zeal and passion.

The same is true for meditation. We can attain the World Cup of meditation in the shortest possible time, by taking the example of athletes competing in sports.

Mastering Meditation

Meditation can be practiced anywhere, whether in the home, at work, or wherever we travel. We can fit some time in whenever possible during our busy schedules.

While pursuing our goal of improving in meditation, we can continue performing our duties in life, whether going to work or school, or taking care of our responsibilities to our families, community, and society. We can devote as much time as possible to meditation, while leading a balanced life. We can develop physically, mentally, and spiritually and do our best in all these spheres.

If we are as diligent and committed to our spiritual practices as athletes are to attaining a sports championship, we too can attain the World Cup of meditation and achieve realization of who we are as soul and realize our oneness with God.

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Turning Theory into Practice

We all know that when we want to study something in this world we go to a teacher who is proficient in that subject. If we want to learn physics or chemistry we go to a teacher or a professor. The teacher will explain the theory of the subject. If the basics are clear, then we can build our whole knowledge on those strong fundamentals. The same is true of spirituality.

Meditation Tips

We have within us a gateway to peace, joy, and happiness. However, to access these treasures we need to mediate, by sitting in silence and staying focused within to enjoy them.

Meditation Catalyst

The latent spark of spiritual treasures is within you. It awaits a catalyst to ignite it so its brilliant flame can be actualized. The principles of meditation operate like scientific laws that govern our planet. These laws that work in our universe reflect those that govern what lies within.