Meditation Catalyst

The latent spark of spiritual treasures is within you. It awaits a catalyst to ignite it so its brilliant flame can be actualized. The principles of meditation operate like scientific laws that govern our planet. These laws that work in our universe reflect those that govern what lies within.

The principles at work relate both to laws related to this physical world as well as to laws that work in meditation.

We need a catalyst to ignite our spark within. Once that spark is lit, its radiant light becomes visible when we invert our attention during meditation. We receive a firsthand experience of what lies within us and attain knowledge of our inner selves.

The Benefits of Receiving Meditation Help from a Catalyst

How can we ignite the spark within us?

To understand this process, think of how scientists and engineers in this physical realm connect sources of power and energy to people’s homes. Engineers devise systems in which electrical energy from a power plant is channeled to a home for many purposes, such as heating, cooling, lighting, and running appliances and technological gadgets. An engineer or scientist knows how to hook up the end users to the source of energy. They make new connections and fix broken ones.

Specialists connect radios to radio waves, televisions to broadcast signals, and computers to networks to help us communicate through email, text messages, and the Internet.

Making connections to receive electronic or digital signals in this physical realm is analogous to making connections between the soul and God. For both, we need a sender and a receiver. The sender is God. The receiver of God’s broadcast is our soul. The spiritual guide is a specialist who knows how to makes the connection so our soul can be receptive to what God is broadcasting.

We need such a specialist because God’s broadcasts come through only as spirit and do not involve any matter. Since the receiver in the physical body is the brain and senses made of matter, it is limited to only receiving communications from the material world. Our eyes can only pick up light of certain wavelengths: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Some instrumentation can pick up wavelengths of higher and lower frequencies such as ultraviolet and infrared waves.

Beyond those wavelengths, our eyes and scientific instrumentation are unequipped for reception. Although higher spiritual frequencies are always being transmitted, we are unable to receive them through our physical senses.

Similarly, the human ear can only hear certain sound frequencies. Some animals, such as the dog or whale, can respond to a wider range of frequencies in this world. Our physical ears, though, are ill equipped to pick up spiritual frequencies of higher broadcasts emanating from God.

We also respond to certain smells, tastes, and physical sensations through our senses. That is the extent of our ability to receive communication at the physical level.

God is spirit. Unfortunately, the physical instruments of the body cannot pick up what we receive within through meditation. To connect with what is radiating to us from within, we need to be in tune with another system of reception, known as the soul. The soul, made of spirit, is attuned to spiritual vibrations and can receive the spiritual treasures that await us in meditation.

An Experienced Catalyst Provides a Shortcut to Success in Meditation

While we can receive the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of meditation, a spiritual Master or guide serves as a catalyst to attune us to receive the spiritual benefits of meditation waiting for us within.

In trying to find these inner gifts ourselves through trial and error, it can take a long time. However, a spiritual Master or guide who has mastered the technique and knows the shortcuts can help us how to learn meditation so we can ignite the spark within us. In this way, we can achieve success in meditation in the shortest and easiest way to enjoy the peace, bliss, and joy within.

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We have within us a gateway to peace, joy, and happiness. However, to access these treasures we need to mediate, by sitting in silence and staying focused within to enjoy them.