Meditation Tips

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Meditation is a simple process for which we sit still and concentrate within to experience inner treasures. The common question I am often asked is, “How can I keep my attention in meditation without being distracted by thoughts?” This is a typical problem that people throughout the world have while trying to meditate.

Why does this happen? Our minds are active and restless and do not like to be still to focus on the wonders within. We have within us a gateway to peace, joy, and happiness. However, to access these treasures we need to mediate, by sitting in silence and staying focused to enjoy them.

Here are three tips to help us meditate:

1) Set priorities

When we want to study for an exam, we set aside time and focus only on that. Similarly, when we set a time for our meditation, we focus only on meditation for that period. We then allot time for other activities for throughout the rest of the day. This helps us preserve our meditation time only for that purpose.

2) Have a special place for meditation

By getting into the habit of concentrating on meditation when sitting in a certain spot, we can more easily put aside distractions when in that place. When we sit in that spot, we naturally will gravitate toward meditating.

3) Be committed to achieving our goals through meditation

When we have a goal that we really want to attain, nothing can stop us from trying to achieve it. Whether we want to win at sports, reach our financial goals, lose weight, or improve our relationships, we spend time working to achieve success. We put in the time and effort.

It is the same with meditation. People meditate for different reasons, whether for physical, mental, or emotional health and wellness, or for spiritual growth or other reasons. When we commit to that goal, then we are more dedicated to spending time to achieve it. This determination will help us concentrate and focus better when we meditate without being sidetracked by distracting thoughts.

Those who practice meditation on the inner Light and Sound as taught in Science of Spirituality learn techniques to keep their mind from distracting them. In this way, their meditation time is more fruitful.

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