Letting Go

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived alone. He kept his money in a special jar so that no one could steal it. One day, while the man was out farming his land, a thief broke in. Looking for something to steal, he came across a heavy stone jar. He could barely jiggle it to hear the coins inside. He could not lift the jar. So the man stuck his hand in the jar to take out the money. His hand fit perfectly into the jar.

He grabbed as much money as he could, holding it in his fist. But when he tried to pull out his hand, it would not come out. He tried his hardest, but the fist made his hand wider. While holding the money, he could not get it through the neck of the jar. He let go of the money and his hand was freed out of the jar. But he was intent upon having the money, so he tried again and again. Each time he enclosed the coins in his fist, his hand was too wide to be removed from the jar.

Suddenly, he heard the owner returning home. He knew that if he did not get his hand out of the jar, he would be caught. But he was so intent upon trying to get the money out that he would not give up. The owner came in, caught him, and had him arrested.

We too are like the thief in the story. Our desires cause us to be caught with our hand in the jar. They keep us bound to this world. Whatever material gains we have in the world keep us bound to this world if we are attached to them. For example, if we want a big house, we have to work longer hours to make enough money to pay for its mortgage. Then we need to furnish it. That will take more time to work to pay for it, to purchase and maintain the furniture. We no longer have time for our family, our children, or pursuits that will give us more fulfillment. Before we know it, the house that was supposed to bring us pleasure has enslaved us.

let go 1

How can we end our bondage? We need to stop clutching and let go. It is only by letting go of the things of this world that we can find the joys of freedom. Then, our soul can experience the love and beauty that God has to offer. True happiness comes when we connect with the source of joy within us – our soul and God.

To do so, we must turn our attention from the worldly enticements and listen to our soul. Beautiful melodies of God are playing within us all the time. Light and love are shining within us. By turning our attention from the world, we release our hold on the coins that keep our hand stuck in the jar. By letting go, we gain eternal freedom.

By sitting in meditation, free from all worldly desires and attachments, we can let go and find ourselves free to soar back to God.

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